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Lawsuit loans in Wisconsin

Get lawsuit funding in Wisconsin with low rates.

Get lawsuit funding in Wisconsin with low rates.

Facing an unexpected financial emergency in Wisconsin? Need immediate cash? Stop searching. Baker Street Funding can help you get a fast lawsuit loan in Wisconsin, giving you access to the cash you need today. Our expert team of lawsuit lending professionals is standing by to help you through every step of the process.

Facing an unexpected financial emergency in Wisconsin? Need immediate cash? Stop searching. Baker Street Funding can help you get a fast lawsuit loan in Wisconsin, giving you access to the cash you need today. Our expert team of lawsuit lending professionals is standing by to help you through every step of the process.

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Wisconsin plaintiffs, get a lawsuit loan that matters.

Wisconsin is renowned for its astonishing views and scenery. Some of them include the picturesque coastlines sitting on two dazzling lakes, Michigan and Superior. Then there are lush farms and fascinating museums where you can see classic motorcycles on display and re-created international villages.  With a population that’s north of 5 million people, Wisconsin offers diversity and cities packed with fun and life. With such a vast population, Wisconsin residents worry about their safety. A recent safety study showed that 41% of the folks in this area have a high concern about their safety.  If are a plaintiff involved in a lawsuit, and you can’t afford to keep up with financial obligations during litigation, apply for Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans in Wisconsin today.

Why Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans in Wisconsin?

If you are looking to deal with an efficient legal funding company, one that is transparent and won’t rip you off, Baker Street Funding is your go-to-guy. We have been around for a while, and we have served our clients diligently across the United States. The positive feedback we get is evidence that we are doing something right.

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Get your loan approved within 24 hours

Our application process is easy and fast. We have the best systems working around the clock to ensure that you get your loan in record time. Rest assured, you won’t encounter any bottlenecks.


Low rates lawsuit loans

Depending on the nature of the case, we offer between 1.5% to 3.4% monthly non-compounding rates.

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Bigger amounts

Our pre-settlement loans provide up to 20% of your potential award as a cash advance. If the case has already settled in your favor and you are awaiting payment of the award, you can get up to 50%.

Lawsuit financing

No hidden costs

There are no hidden charges or markups. Our lines are open 24/7 to receive your calls and provide you with an expert guide about your loan application. Consultations with our legal funding experts are free. Do get in touch now.

Disclaimer: you must have retained an attorney on contingency. Having your attorney around will also help you understand our terms of agreement better

Lawsuit funding application process in Wisconsin.

Apply for a lawsuit loan

If you are ever in need of fast lawsuit loans in the state of Wisconsin, all you need to do is fill out our short application form online.

Case qualification

Once your application gets across to us, an expert will contact you to finish the qualification process of your application, followed by a call to your attorney to discuss your claims and request your case file.

Approval of your loan

Upon case approval for the loan, we will generate a contract for you within hours, for you and your attorney to sign.

Get cash

The agreed amount on the contract will be credited to your account without delays after you and your lawyer dually execute the legal funding agreement — usually within an hour or two. We are that fast.

Wisconsin pre-settlement funding advantage.

Risk-free lawsuit loans in South Dakota

Our lawsuit loans are best described as “cash advance” on your potential settlement. Unlike the traditional loans you get from banks, you are under no obligation to repay us if you lose your case — no questions asked.

No credit check

Regardless of your credit score, you can always apply for Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans in Wisconsin. We are not out to dig into your credit history; we are only concerned about providing quick financial aid to help you through litigation in WI.

No employment check

The chances of remaining in employment after an accident or injury are not guaranteed. Then, juggling between your job and court proceedings can be Herculean. Don’t let your employment status hinder you from applying for Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans in Wisconsin. Contact us today, and let’s get started on your application.

Apply for legal funding in Wisconsin today.

Baker Street Funding is your best bet for a reputable legal funding company in Wisconsin. Get full disclosure of our terms and ensure the best practices. Apply for our lawsuit loans today, and you will wish you did earlier.

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South Dakota car accidents statistics, laws, the insurance, and legal funding.

Recent reports from the U.S Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System showed that 557 traffic incidents were recorded in Wisconsin and the claimed 613 lives in 2017.

This report equals 10.6 deaths per 100,000 of the population. The average Wisconsin resident drives over 10,000 miles per year.

Not wearing seat belts and drunk driving top the list of the major causes of car accidents in Wisconsin. 45% of the victims were car occupants, 158 SUV occupants, and 56 pedestrians.

Surprisingly, more accidents (estimated at 65%) happened in rural areas as opposed to urban locations, as one would expect. If you are looking to get low rate car accident loans in Wisconsin, contact us today and claim our flexible and affordable rates.


Wisconsin courts adopt the modified comparative fault system. This system shares the damages between the parties involved in percentages. However, each party will lose part of the compensation due to them by as much as the court deems them responsible for the injury. So, if a plaintiff is 10% at fault for the injury, 10% of their compensation will be reduced by the court. If the plaintiffs are over 50% at fault, they will be barred from receiving any money as compensation. In Wisconsin, majorly of personal injury cases have no cap. However, non-economic damages are capped at $750,000 while punitive damages are capped at $200,000 or twice the compensation amount (whichever is greater).

At Baker Street Funding, we offer low rates and flexible personal injury loans in Wisconsin. Apply and get legal funding approved within 24 hours.

Injured parties have a time limit within which they are expected to gather evidence and file lawsuits against defendants. This time limit is statutory and is known as the statute of limitations. 

The statute of limitations varies with different cases, and if the time elapses or is exceeded, you will lose your rights to sue for damages.

Here are Civil Statutes of Limitations in Wisconsin:

  • Injury to person — 3 years 
  • Libel/slander — 2 years 
  • Fraud — 6 years 
  • Injury to personal property — 6 years 
  • Medical malpractice — 3 years from the incident and between 1 year to 5 years after the discovery 
  • Trespass — 6 years 
  • Collection of rents — 6 years
  • Contracts — 6 years
  • Judgment — 20 years

If you are wondering why the statutes of limitations are created? They are intended to ensure fairness and practicability in lawsuits.

You can access our lawsuit loans from all cities and counties in Wisconsin, and it will only take a second to apply.

Cities We Have Funded So Far in Wisconsin:

1. Milwaukee 

2. Madison 

3. Green Bay

4. Kenosha

5. Racine 

6. Appleton

7. Waukesha

8. Eau Claire

9. Oshkosh

10. Janesville

11. West Allis 

12. La Crosse

13. Wauwatosa 

14. Sheboygan 

15. Fond du lac 

Counties We Have Funded So Far in Wisconsin:

1. Milwaukee County

2. Dane County 

3. Waukesha County 

4. Brown County

5. Racine County

6. Outagamie County 

7. Winnebago County

8. Kenosha County 

9. Rock County

10. Washington County 

11. Marathon County 

12. La Crosse County 

13. Sheboygan County 

14. Eau Claire County 

15. Walworth County 

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