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Lawsuit loans in Pennsylvania

Get a lawsuit loan in Pennsylvania. Your one-stop-shop for unbeatable rates.

Get access to lawsuits loans or pre-settlement funding to help you push your pending PA case till you get equitable justice. Having provided legal Funding to a remarkable number of clients across several states in the U.S., Baker Street Funding has extended lawsuit funding to Pennsylvania residents. You can now get fast lawsuit loans without a stressful verification process.

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Fast results

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Lower rates

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No risk

Lawsuit loans Pennsylvania

Explore your options with a Pennsylvania lawsuit funding offer.

Baker Street Funding understands that time is of great essence and every second count in determining the outcome of your case in Pennsylvania. Qualify for a lawsuit loan in PA; our responsive legal funding support team is available around the clock to walk you through the pre-qualification stage and guide you on how to apply. Explore your funding options and get an approval in less than 24 hours from the time you call. Rest assured that once you are approved, you will get the financial assistance you need right away.

Why Baker Street Funding Pennsylvania lawsuit loans?

Often, plaintiffs who have limited resources are soon faced with mammoth bills – utility bills, home supplies, healthcare, mortgage, and emergencies. When you are faced with protracted court cases, don’t buckle and give up on your case; get in touch with Baker Street Funding’s experienced legal funding team members, and we will be glad to ease the burden on your shoulders. See how Baker Street Funding is different:

24-hour funding

Baker Street Funding's pre-qualification process is straightforward, and you'd be done filling out our application form within a minute or two. Once you meet the terms of the agreement, you will get your lawsuit cash advance in a minimum of 2 hours after the contract has successfully been dually executed.

No hidden fees

While lawsuit loans are not treated as traditional loans, we offer reasonable lawsuit funding across every region and county in Pennsylvania. Rest assured that you will get nothing short of the best offers on your legal funding application with no upfront fees or hidden charges.

Bigger funding

Our lawsuit funding program offers up to 20% of potential settlement value for when you need an instant cash advance against your lawsuit and up to 50% in post-settlement funding for your settled case, and you only pay us if you win.

Get low interest rates for your pending case.

We care about your financial stability during litigation and don’t burden you with unfair interest rates. Lawsuit funding can be costly at the end of your settlement, and many companies charge up to 300% a year in interest rates, and when the process is taking too long, you can easily end up settling for these predatory firms. Don’t give up hope when you start to feel frustrated; apply today, and receive non-compounding rates starting at 1.5%. ​

Advantages of pre-settlement funding in Pennsylvania.

Having provided legal Funding to a remarkable number of clients across several states in the U.S., we have extended our dedicated services to PA residents. You can now get fast lawsuit loans without stressful verification processes.

No credit check

We are not bothered about your credit score or credit history. We are only concerned about providing you with timely lawsuit loans to strengthen your stand throughout your litigation as long as your case is strong and at no-fault.

No employment and income check

At Baker Street Funding, you also don't have to be employed to request legal Funding. Our doors are open to every plaintiff in need of financial assistance.

You owe us nothing if you lose the case

Court hearings are like the wind, and nobody can confidently tell the outcome of the proceedings. Lawsuit funding in P.A. is non-recourse. This means, if by any chance, you lose the case, you don't have to bother about repaying us. We have been in the business for a very long time, and we understand how unpredictable lawsuits hearing can swing. You owe us nothing if the case doesn't settle in your favor.

Simple lawsuit funds

The lawsuit funding process in P.A.

Qualify quickly for Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans in Pennsylvania, and obtain pre-settlement funding in Pennsylvania to help support your fight for justice. Our lawsuit loans are a next-day financial lifeline to keep you afloat and maintain a high tempo in your litigation. Our pre-qualification assessment is incredibly simple. 

step 1 for legal funding


We don't need a long list of criteria to process your application; when you apply, we will only need your attorney's contact details and basic data from you, and ensure they co-operate with us to start processing your 24 hour funding request.

step 2 for legal funding


Then, your attorney will be contacted by our legal financing experts, and we get your documents, our attorneys will perform a 24 hour case evaluation, followed by a call with your lawyer.

step 3 for legal funding


Once underwriting sees that your case doesn't carry much risk, and all criteria is met, you will get an approval ​and get your funds credited to your bank account within 2-24 hours after we receive the dually signed contract.

P.A.'s leading legal funding company is here to assist you.

Lawsuits can drag on for a very long time and overstretch your pockets. Many plaintiffs have had to settle for less because their lawsuit was costing them time and money. Give us a call at 888-711-3599 to qualify for a lawsuit loan in Pennsylvania.

Get comprehensive services

Baker Street Funding offers fast, reliable, and comprehensive legal funding in Pennsylvania to help you cushion any financial pressure during litigation when you need it the most.


We are a renowned and transparent legal funding firm with high regard for standards and regulations. Baker Street Funding has a deep understanding of complex laws in PA, and we know what it takes to fund your case.

See some of our funding products.

Pennsylvania, it’s laws, it’s accidents and pre-settlement funding.

Delaying legal representation will leave you struggling with medical bills, deferred compensation, and even losing the opportunity to get legal redress. Don't waste any time before filing your claim against anyone who might have caused your injury or loss. If you let too much time go by before submitting your case, the chances are that you may lose the integrity of your evidence and compromise the testimony of your eyewitness.

Statute of limitations is the time range within which a plaintiff can file his or her claim and sue for damages. This period varies from county to county, and upon expiration, you can no longer sue for damages.

Statute of limitations for personal injuries in Pennsylvania:

The statute of limitations also varies by the type of claim involved. In Pennsylvania, plaintiffs are allowed two (2) years to file their lawsuits and present their case in front of a judge. However, in the case of minors, there is special consideration known as the Minors' Tolling statute. The statute of limitations for car accidents and medical malpractice follow the same rules as personal injuries.

The tolling statute allows minors to file and sue for damages on injuries when they turn 18, so it doesn't matter if the injury happened when they were 13 or 15 years old. For non-minors, you have the "Discovery Rule" in your arsenal.

The Discovery Rule allows you to count your two years from when you found out or should have known that your injury was caused by someone else's actions - either as a result of negligence or poor working conditions (whatever the case may be).

If you are a victim of a personal injury and are at no-fault for your accident, you may qualify for a pre-settlement loan in P.A. Apply to qualify.

Has your case has been concluded, but you are yet to receive the settlement? Baker Street Funding provides post-settlement funding to help cushion the financial burden you might be facing. Get up to 50% of the settlement value without any bottleneck. All you have to do is fill out our online application form and wait for our legal funding team to contact you, followed by a call to your attorney.

Post-Settlement Loans for Attorneys in Pennsylvania:

Working on a contingency basis is costly. There is a lot you can do with post-settlement lawsuit funding. A post-settlement loan can be a lifeline for your practice after enduring a financial setback of a court case. We can provide up to 50% of the settlement value after our underwriters' screen your application and speak to you. Please call (888) 71-3599 to learn more about how post-settlement funding for attorneys in P.A. works.​​

Get a quick lawsuit loan(s) in Pennsylvania without wasting time. Our team of legal experts is passionate about helping you get the best settlement in the shortest time possible. Don't let your case stall and become frustrated because you are short on cash. Contact us today and get unhindered access to low rate lawsuit funding in Pennsylvania.

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Our pre-settlement funding product covers an extensive list of lawsuits, including employment discrimination (harassment and retaliation), wrongful termination, personal injury, wrongful imprisonment, auto accidents, breach of contract, and more. See some of the claims we mostly fund:

Personal injury

Auto and motor vehicle accidents

Civil rights

Employment and labor

Corporate litigation

Settled Cases

Apply for PA. pre-settlement funding today.

When it comes to getting fair rate legal funding in Pennsylvania, only one name should come to mind – Baker Street Funding – as we are always at your service with the lowest rates the industry has to offer. Contact us today and get unhindered access to low rate lawsuit funding in Pennsylvania. We are just a call away: (888) 722-3599.

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