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Our number one goal is helping our clients get their legal funds now.

Our motivation is to help you.

At Baker Street Funding we understand litigation takes a while to settle, this is why we started the company, to bring value to a world that needs it. As one of the top legal funding companies in the market, we bring quick and efficient services to every single one of our clients no matter how small your case is. We understand your financial demands are #1 and make sure that all concerns are addressed and rectified immediately. 

Maintaining strong ethical practices.


Baker Street Legal Funding is committed to maintaining strong corporate legal funding policies and practices. The Board of Directors has set forth policies and procedures as well as a framework for establishing the highest level of business integrity and accountability for our services.

We are not like other legal funding companies.


Headquartered in NYC, and now in Naples, Florida, Baker Street Legal Funding was designed to strategically connect select legal funding opportunities with our extensive network of sophisticated partners and staff. We partnered up with a high-level team of individuals combining new, passionate team members with some of the best veteran underwriters from the industry.​

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Our company resources and capital remain focused on investment capabilities with proven ability, high conviction, and edge. Our unique power in the legal finance industry, which sets us apart from the competition, is by virtue of our diversified risk profile, strategic partnerships, select investor base, and extensive education, experience, and expertise. We have aligned ourselves with multiple sources of capital to help provide the best financial solutions for our clients. We remain disciplined without losing our aptitude for innovation.

We employ a wide range of financial solutions.


Baker Street Funding was established to create the most simple, user friendly legal funding process. We offer multiple funding structure to help create a bespoke funding agreement specific to the case and situation. We have helped thousands of Americans get their best custom legal funding solution on over $50 million in just 1 year.

Top legal funding company

The best is yet to come.

Voted #1.

We have been voted as the best legal funding firm by different media outlets such as Kev's Best, Tricity Daily, and Attorney at Law Magazine. Baker Street Legal Funding takes all customer satisfaction very seriously, and our 5-star reviews speak of what the company provides.​

The next evolution of legal finance.

We’re proud of what he has achieved so far, and there’s so much more ahead.

Establishing in the finance industry requires time, new ways of thinking, and doing. As the Principal of Baker Street Funding, Daniel DiGiaimo, CEO and President, brings over 14 years of financial services to the firm. Throughout the first decade, Mr. Digiaimo has been recognized for his ideas, innovation within the finance industry, and business success.  He started his career as part of a wealth management team at Morgan Stanley that managed over 1 billion dollars of client assets. He then moved to Merrill Lynch, where he ran his own wealth management team.  Our CEO and President also acted as an advisor and director of investments to early and mid-stage companies helping them raise capital and acquire competitors while starting his company Baker Street Funding. Daniel Digiaimo, being the driving force in the development of the organization, is helping navigate the company through a prolonged period of growth, managing all critical decisions for the company’s growing success. Mr. Digiamo holds a minor in Law and a BA in Finance from PACE University.

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